Monday, December 13, 2010

Living Life in Arizona!

MOM! I love you!
 Well, I taught gospel principles this Sunday. My lesson was on agency! I didn't make a pie recipe (b/c elder glenn would've been tired of it) but instead used a quote from Harry Potter: "Soon we must all make the choice between what is right and what is easy" It's by Dumbledore, but I had everyone guessing. They thought it MUST be a prophet. ahah. Well I'm glad that you're taking care of all the missionaries. I hope they love coming by our house. I feel that way with the McCue family. We're going there for Christmas. Should I call home in the morning? What's a good time for you all? And remember, if it's possible, I'd like Reagan to be there. We did get together, two zones, for Christmas. President Walker and his wife each spoke about Christmas time. They told some pretty neat stories. I really enjoyed being there. He doesn't really know me since he hasn't had a conversation with me since the day i got here, but he does know my name. I hope that I get my visa the day after Christmas!! I will miss Douglas though, and all the people here. I love you mom! I love what you said about the Prophet! Isn't he such a sweet and amazing man? I'm so glad that Ramon was able to hear him speak and know he is a prophet. Well, I hope you have a wonderful week! I really am grateful I get so many letters from you! Mom, this mission is exactly part of my purpose in life, and part of the plan for me. I can feel it. It's building me up so much that even I can tell. I can't imagine not being here to see the change in the lives of Erika and Ramon, and our other converts. It has really struck me in my mind and heart. I love you mom! Thank you for being so wonderful!

Love, your son,
Elder Mitch Poirier

Thanks for that bit of world news! Very interesting.  I'm super glad to hear that sister is doing so well. It really is wonderful that you spoke with the spirit that night. That really was a powerful night. When i think about it, tears come to my eyes. How awesome is it that the Lord works through people like us? I feel so young and weak, and yet continually I'm blessed with miracles and the spirit to guide me. I'm very happy to hear that you are home teaching haha. Do you have a companion? My gospel principles class is going well. I really don't have time to prepare for it except for Sunday morning, but Heavenly Father really has helped me to do a good job and teach with the spirit. I like getting the class involved, asking questions, and learning about their personalities and interests. We talked about agency and the creation this sunday and I asked a few people which creation makes them feel peace and contentment. For me it's being underwater, especially under Kados Bridge. And I love when it's thunderstorming. It is SO good to see all of our converts and investigators becoming friends! I can't even describe it!
Well, I can't wait to call home on Christmas! I look forward to speaking with you all! Thinking about it reminds me of when we went to go hear Joe Brown's call. Am I really that old? Am I really a missionary? It's so crazy. I want to cry again thinking of how happy I am to be a missionary. I love it out here. I love the gospel. I know this is where I'm supposed to be. The mission is THE place to be at this age. Satan is working with all his angels to get young men unworthy to go. I pray for Max, that he'll prepare for his mission and prepare to fight Satan as the days get closer.

Well, I love you dad! I hope I didn't make you cry too much! ahah! Save those tears for Christmas!

Love, your son,
Elder Mitch Poirier

Dear Friends and Family,
Well, I'm running out of time! But this week was pretty cool! My favorite part was on Thursday when we went to the McCues for dinner. She's the one that's from Chile. Well, guess what. We made EMPANADAS! And I actually put them together (with all my expertise). Pictures included! She even made the dough herself! We had three different kinds: shrimp and provologne, cheddar cheese, and the meat/egg. They were ALL fried! And they were all delicious!! The other four elders didn't like it at all! Can you believe it?! We even had pastel de choclo and chilean salad! I was in HEAVEN. So good, but they are all so picky. When we left, Sister McCue told me, "Yo se que le gusto, elder" (I know that you liked it, elder). She likes me the most!!! She's funny too. When the others don't like something, she says "You're offending my country!". So this time I said, "you're offending our country." The other elders got mad at me haha "You're hardly Chilean!" Well, I have no more time than that! But I love you all and look forward to a phone call home!!!!! LOVE YOU LOVE YOU MISS YOU!
Love, Elder Mitchell Poirier
1840 E. River Rd. Suite 102
Tucson, AZ

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