Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Querida Familia!
It's been a busy week and has sped by pretty quickly. I'm going to just make a list of what has happened. I've found that lists are easiest when letter-writing. If it's annoying, tell me, and I won't do it next time.
1) This Thanksgiving, the five of us Elders ate dinner at the Noriega family's house. They had a big hispanic Thanksgiving, with all their family over. It was all in Spanish, and only a few of the people there even talked to us. We were fed a lot though. I got to try Champura for the first time. I loved it. [I also love to have Mate at the McCue's house--she's Chilean] So it kind of felt like I was intruding on someone's holiday.
2) We baptized big Raymond Hartman on Saturday the 27th. Both Elder Glenn and Elder Bowen got in the font to baptize him. I got to confirm him on Sunday. It was nerve-wracking without a microphone [since no one can ever hear me]. But he had tears in his eyes throughout the baptism (at which, I spoke on baptism and the Holy Ghost) and also on Sunday. We're super happy for him. I'll try going on another computer to send photos. But you'll see that he's wearing his "cranberries"... you'll see.
3) I found a house whose number is 1023! It's a sign, right?! [For those of you who don't know, I always see the clock at 10:23 somehow] Well we've tried three times and no one ever is home or opens the door. I don't want to give up though..
4) We are teaching a guy named Ramon. We found him while tracting. He was out walking. He said he'd been waiting for missionaries to one day show up at his door. He'd been way into drugs, but had quit two weeks ago. He'd been praying for some way to know which church he should go to. He wanted to change his life. And then he found us. He's been reading the Book of Mormon, the little pamphlets we gave him (on the Restoration and Plan of Salvation), came to church this Sunday, went to Ray's baptism, set his OWN date for Christmas to be baptized, and is perfectly honest in intention. He's prayed to know this is all true and really got the answer, the feelings of his heart and thoughts of his mind, that it IS true. So awesome. He blows me away everytime we see him with how well he understands things. I'm so impressed by him.
5) We met a little girl who'd shaved her eyebrow off. HAHA Siblings, get why that's hilarious?
6) Then I accidentally shaved off my sideburn... HAHA what?
7) Last Monday was Pie Night at the Everett's house. They baked a bunch of pies. They wanted me to bake one too, but of course I don't have my recipe book. And dad wasn't online (since he had work off). There is one on Max's laptop, but it's too late now. SWEET POTATOE PIE was DELICIOUS. MMMMmmmm
8) The day after Thanksgiving, we had Thanksgiving leftovers at the Arnejo's house. As we left, I accidentally broke their bench that three of us had been sitting on. "It's okay Elder Poirier, it was just an ANTIQUE!" they joked. So embarrassing.
I'm out of time!!!! Sorry LOVE YOU

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