Monday, November 22, 2010

22 months to go...

Dear Family!
I'd send photos, but this computer I'm using doesn't allow me to connect anything to it. Who sent me the photo key chain? The young women or you guys? It's neat. I really appreciate all the mail I've been getting from everyone. I can't believe today marks TWO MONTHS out on my mission. Crazy! I really want to be in the MTC for Thanksgiving, but I'm not thinking it'll happen :( I'm kind of sad that I won't be home for Thanksgiving). You are all having so much fun at home, so that makes me happy. This week was a little harder for us. We at first had a huge success where we set FOUR baptismal dates, but since that day we have not been able to teach those people again! It's so frustrating. We keep praying that somehow it'll work out. Details in my letter home. This week, because of our lack of success, Elder Glenn and Elder Bowen proved to be a bit more moody. We all got in little tiffs occasionally. Fortunately for me, that is how Tucson was, so I wasn't at all discouraged. But I had to learn to let them plan the day because it seems that planning is what's always causing the arguments. So I'm trying to hold all my opinions back, even that of beach vs. mountains. I want to focus on getting along again. And we have the past couple of days. I really do want to just get to the MTC though and then on to MEXICO.
Well, Harry Potter came out.. Thanks Max for the details! Twenty two months until i get to see it!!! There's not much more for me to say. I enjoy my studies. I enjoy the weather. I like my compys. I get mail. Everything's great! I'll only be sad to leave Kassia though. I want to get on another computer to send photos. Anyway, I do miss you all and hope that you have a Happy Thanksgiving! I wanted to list a few things I'm grateful for. But let me just say that because of my transfer to MTC/Mexico and the whole Christmas back up (with packages), please don't send me any packages for Christmas. There's nothing that I really need. I really do appreciate the thought, but it would stink for it to get lost in the mail or something. I might though be sending a package home full of the letters i've received and things i don't want to take to mexico. LOVE YOU ALL!!!
Love, Elder Mitchell Poirier
1) For my family of course. I love you all so much. We have so many good memories. I look forward to eternity with you all!
2) My call as a missionary and for the opportunity I have to bring people the joy I have in my life.
3) Water. I love the beach, the pool, etc. And I miss being able to swim
4) The prophet. I especially love rereading his talk on gratitude.
5) My friends! Thanks for writing me!
6) My dogs. I wish Bentley could sleep next to me at night.
7) Books. I really miss just reading books.
(random) but true. i'm grateful for a lot!

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