Sunday, February 26, 2012

Still in Itzicuaro

Dear Family,
  This is now week 1. I'm still here in Itzicuaro with Elder Perez. We baptized for the third week in a row. Ruben and Laura. It was wonderful! We have many people who I feel really could get baptized in March, but this week we won't be baptizing. I got my TOMS this week. SO COOL. I love them. THANKS! And I don't really know what to write about. Elder Petersen went home today. That was fast. I only have 7 months left. It still feels like a long time. This week I remembered how I fell out of the BOTTOM bunk the night before I started Kindergarten split my eyebrow open, but how the night before Aleksi went to Kindergarten she had a dream that she flew with Jesus to the school. Um.. not fair? This week I've had some pretty interesting dreams that somehow seem to answer my prayers. Or at least they teach me. For example, in one Aleksi and I were on a Mexican bus and she asked me why I should judge certain elders for who they were at one point in their mission instead of who they are now. She asked, "would you want them to judge you for how you were?" True. So I have to develop more charity. And last night I dreamed that Elder Moberg (who already went home) called me to give me some motivation. I feel the desire right now to write in my journal. The mission is so emotionally demanding. But I picture myself at home driving alone and I know that I'm going to miss this great calling that I have. I feel like I'll probably pull over and cry. Or cry underwater. I know I'm still not figuring this out, but I've never felt so important to the Lord before, and it'll be sad to go back to normal life. Don't get me wrong, it'll also be wonderful. I think too much.
  I love you all!
  Elder Poirier
PS photos next week bc I can't connect anything to these computers..

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