Monday, February 13, 2012

Mi Familia en los EUA

BAD haircut--oh well

Yellow sky means heavy rain ahead

Love the rain
 Dear Fam,
  This week was my birthday!!! I saved that birthday package until the morning of (really difficult, but worth it). Thank you mom for the list of 21 memories. I was cracking up laughing. It's so true how embarrassed I'd be to wear my scout uniform in Publix. It's funny here how all the missionaries eventually ask each other if they got their Eagle. All week it was raining and raining. My birthday was no different, but I take it as Heavenly Father's gift for me. He knows how much I love rain. So all day I wore the grey sweater you got me with one of the ties, my new belt, and my rain jacket a member is lending me. I felt really cool (as cool as a missionary can feel). My companion didn't really do anything for me, so after lunch I came up with an excuse to divide with another set of missionaries and work the rest of the day with Elder Berdejo. He's funny, so I enjoyed myself. The excuse was legitimate, so don't think it was really rude to divide. It's just Elder Perez's personality. He doesn't get cold. He doesn't get hot. He doesn't care when another month has gone by in his mission. And so he doesn't care about birthdays. At night, Elder Petersen and Elder Pathakis (two from Utah, but actually cool.. who we play basketball with) "surprised" me with a chocolate cake and candles to blow out. I say "surprised" because I already knew they were going to do it. When they called Elder Perez that AM to tell him, he didn't hear right and so asked, "un pastel?" When I asked why they'd call he came up with some excuse. So I knew. But I really appreciated it. Elder Petersen is great friends with Elder Parry (who was my compy last bday). So he as well knows how to treat someone on their bday. I just felt happy that day.
  This week we baptized Salomon and Michelle (two boys)! They were so happy. I'm glad we finally baptized! And we're baptizing again this week! I really like it here in Morelia, but mostly for the weather. Today is still cold (though prob not as cold as Chile) and really rainy. We went to eat tortas (which is a sandwich, not a cake like in Chile) with Tomas (a member from Elder Pete's ward). We washed our laundry. We cleaned the house. We're not sure what else to do. There's NO post office here or anywhere close, so who knows when I'll get to send my letter to the Shreeves. Plus I wanted to write Max, Reagan, Eva, and you all. Well, until next week then! Remember that the Lord loves you all!
Elder Mitch Poirier


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