Monday, August 27, 2012


Dear Family,
  Today I made a list of things to write, so I'm prepared. Maybe this email will be as interesting as one of Max's. But first let me say that Cassie looks A TON like Max! I can't even believe it! Except that Max is fat now. Elder Turner says "fatty." I can't believe already all of our senior photos will be hung on the wall. And I'm really disappointed that I won't get to speak in sacrament meeting those first two sundays home. I wanted to cut my hair like my converts do, the familia Martinez. Remember how Aleksi tried to cut my hair that one time before a youth conference? Like that except much better. But everyone will want to see me as a missionary still... I can't believe I only have four weeks left. This week flew by. Ah!
  1) This week a guy called out to us in English, "You guys are christian missionaries?" He just wanted to show the woman he was talking to that he speaks English. Aye. It happens all the time. But he found it fascinating that my companion was from England. "Let's hear that accent," he said. My companion asked, "What do you want me to say?" "OH MY GOSH You do have an accent!" replied the guy... Well duh. Then I said something. He looked at me all strange and said, "You have an English accent too!" What? For real. Elder Turner says it's for real. That my accent is mexican and english put together. But I CAN'T tell. It's strange. So in a couple weeks I'm going to record myself talking so that later in the year I can listen and see if it's true.
  2) This week I overate again. I don't know if I've told you family how many times I have vomited in my mission. And hardly from being sick. It's almost always from overeating. I get all sweaty and nauseus. I can't handle it. This time I burped SO loud before it all came out. I was in the street. My companion couldn't stop laughing for literally 20 minutes. It was way rumbly. But then it all came out. The good thing is that it didn't come out of my nose like it has before. It's that we went to our lunch appointment, but when we visited Patricia later, it was her birthday. Here, every birthday means a bowl or two of pozole. VOMIT. I love pozole, but vomited because it was too much food.
  3) This week we went to a christian church. Our hair-cut lady invited us. WEIRD. Max, I recommend that at some point you go to catholic mass or other churches. It will help you be able to teach better. It was quite the experience. Dancing. Singing. Crying. Praying. But all while actually looking up at the ceiling as if you see God. Weird. Not to offend any christians. But they mix up the Holy Ghost with feelings of sadness or the desire to spin around dancing. Aye.
    I got to go! I love you family. See you soon!
  Elder Poirier

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