Monday, November 21, 2011

Thanksgiving Week

Dear Family!

  I love you! I hope you don't mind that I bought a blanket at Walmart last Monday. It's getting really cold at night and that has been causing me to be sick all the time. So I got a gator-colored blanket! I feel great! ("great" with a spanish accent--"guh-rate"). Elder Leon, an elder that lives with us, loves learning and practicing his English. I give him all the little sheets of paper from that calender mom had sent me when I was in Arizona (the one that helps me learn random spanish phrases). It helps him learn random English phrases. He's a really funny guy, but really strange. Usually he drinks from what looks like a little wine glass, but he takes it and acts all ceremonial with it before drinking. I can't really explain. It's just weird. BUT Elder Willett and I went to Catholic Mass yesterday (our investigator, Juan, invited us to go and see how it is). We realize that Elder Leon is acting like the Father while doing the whole wine thing. Elder Leon used to be Catholic. Mass was interesting. I don't think it's very similar to what Mass is probably like in the United States. I think Catholics here in general are just way different. We did see how there were so many people really there to be closer to God. It made us sad actually that they need Him so desperately, but when He sends us to their door they reject us. It's like the lamanites who were blinded by their traditions. I have respect for all religions, of course, I just know that this is the one that God really leads and guides through the living prophet, Thomas S. Monson. So I believe that God actually sends us to people who are really looking for all the blessings He offers. I'm grateful that we do find those who are ready for our message. Yesterday Tere (who had been taught by missionaries over a year ago) told us that since the first missionaries, others have gone by once or twice, but for whatever reason she wasn't able to give them the time. She'd tell them to come back at a certain time, and they never did. I'm grateful that Heavenly Father lead us to her door. That's why it's SO important to be in tune with the Spirit. Sigifredo still hasn't decided if he'll get baptized... Aye. Pray for me! And for Max! I love you all family! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! I'm grateful for all of you!
  Elder Mitch Poirier

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