Friday, September 24, 2010

Passing Through

Before entering the MTC, Aleksi was able to pick up Mitch from the Salt Lake Airport and take him home for some lunch. They enjoyed a couple precious hours together before two years apart.

Mitch, in the SLC airport

Hour long drive back to provo
Cort made lunch
 They spent some time around the house, taking pictures and Polaroids and then it was time to go.

Mitch's "excited face"


Tearful goodbye

Elder Poirier
Lex, Mitch and Cort; final pic
Leaving a boy, returning a Man
Best of Luck, Elder Poirier! Your family is proud.


  1. ahhh! awesome photos! I am so jealous
    Aleksi got to be there for his final moments. I love you family.

  2. Coleman said he has been praying for Mitchell every night!! What a great young man and i know he will be amazing in Mexico!!!

  3. I applied for a job at the MTC. I hope I get it! That'd be way awesome!